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A sound pioneer’s resonating chords

// March 7th, 2011 // No Comments » // Cool Stuff, Life, Technology

An article published in The Jamaica Observer on my Grandfather, Leslie Galbraith:

LIKE many others,

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I have been following with considerable interest the reminiscences of Leslie Galbraith in fellow columnist Mark Wignall’s Sunday space about the part he and others played in the development of electronic sound reproduction in Jamaica.

As we are aware, the sound system is an outgrowth of radio, which, in its early incarnation, used vacuum tubes to snatch modulated magnetic radiation from the ether and convert it into a form the human ear can detect.

Read more:

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The true ROI of Social Media

// February 9th, 2011 // No Comments » // Social Media Marketing, Technology

Earlier I was having a discussion with @iniQiti on Twitter about the true ranking of social media efforts. He was telling me how his 3rd party twitter rankings were high and it helped build SEO (Search engine optimisation) for his twitter account. I disagreed with his trying to rate it via SEO or follower ratio or number of tweets, because I believe social media is about interaction. Thankfully Gary Vaynerchuck (@Garyvee) sent out a tweet featuring the video below which confirmed what

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I was saying:

What grades your social media efforts are interactions, how useful your tweets or facebook posts are, how it helps people, how it relates to others. Social media is building a relationship, with your friends, other personalities and brands. If your social media efforts do not help, or build relationships, then why bother? Now some people will add that hey, they are just trying to broadcast information useful to their followers, this is also building a relationship because your followers then begin to trust you for quality content and in some cases understand you may not be able to reply specifically to them. The fact is trust, in social media people trust you for your content (opinions, blogposts, videos, photos, news, etc,). Changing or adjusting your content for better rankings or seo is not the aim, the community is the aim, build your community, word of mouth is a better recommendation than any search engine.

In all of your efforts, reporting, etc remember people first, ask yourself, are you helping someone or are you just pushing out useless content on a daily basis? It doesn’t matter if you have x amount of followers if they are bots, or you have no interaction, find your niche and provide for it.

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Wear Sunscreen

// November 16th, 2010 // No Comments » // Life, Tools

Ok so first off I

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apologise for my lack of content over the past couple weeks. The good thing is I have recorded everything and so I will flood the site with it soon :)

I heard this song for the first time earlier and felt I had to share this with everyone. I hope it changes your life!

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New direction for 2010

// January 16th, 2010 // No Comments » // Life

Ok this isn’t quite a new years resolution but more a method of survival. I have always had a tonne of ideas, its just my thing, I think alot. As much as I enjoy coming up with these ideas and getting excited about them I have always had issues making them tangible. It’s called taking on too many projects and getting none completed. So for this year I am limiting myself to 4, doing more work on one of my websites:, building a website for my mother’s book and two more projects to be announced soon. This is a year for progress! Lets get going!

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