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CANTO Regional E-content Competition

// April 11th, 2012 // No Comments » // Technology

Got this in the SlashRoots mailing list. Decided I would share it with everyone:

CANTO Coding Competition Flier

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The Slash Roots Developers Conference

// February 17th, 2011 // 2 Comments » // Technology

Slash Roots Logo
Creating a technology industry that drives innovation and a community responsive to global trends cannot occur in a vacuum. In today’s world, specific institutional support systems produce the technical resources that drive business and competitiveness. The ./roots Developer Conference is about creating and fostering those support systems within the Jamaican context.

The conference reflects the goal of its parent group, Slash Roots – to foster collaborative innovation within the Jamaican developer and technology communities that is relevant to, and informed by, the needs of the private and public sectors. Slash Roots is a newly formed group of young tech developers and enthusiasts who have dedicated themselves to ICT development, guided by the belief that increased technological innovation and connectivity is crucial to the Jamaica’s development. The brain child of tech developer Matthew McNaughton, Slash Roots came to life through the union of himself and two tech entrepreneurs, Roger Pixley and Dmitri Dawkins. The trio has since grown to a sextet of organizers for the ./roots Developer Conference.

Hosted by the Centre of Excellence at the Mona School of Business, this year’s conference will be held from February 24-25 at the new UWI Faculty of Law Building.

The conference has attracted both local and regional attention and participation. Sessions include presentations by leading open data and tech developers from Cuba, Uruguay, the U.S. and from our local technology community. Additionally, persons outside of the tech development community will be speaking about their experiences as players in the second and third parts of the Slash Roots aim – the sharing and application of developed technologies.

The conference will also highlight projects that are innovative in their approach and which increase access to technology for the local population. This year’s main feature is the release of a new open data resource which has been developed for the Ministry of Agriculture. This data will be the subject of the conference’s most exciting element- the staging of a Developer Competition in which teams of developers will have 24 hours to create an application that visualizes some aspect of the agriculture data. Other activities planned include a Linux installfest and demonstrations from the Jamaica One Laptop Per Child Project.

The Slash Roots team hopes that this inaugural ./roots Developer Conference will mark the first of many annual ./roots conferences to come. We urge the Jamaican tech and academic communities, and private and public sectors, to show their support for this development initiative by engaging themselves in the conference events.

This conference would not be possible without the help of our partners, the Mona School of Business and the IDRC, who have given significant financial support as well as organizational guidance. In addition, the conference organizers would like to thank our sponsors thus far – Spatial Innovation, MC Systems, Lime Jamaica, Digicel, Samuda & Johnson, Pings Manufacturing and Trafalgar Tours – for coming on board in support of this effort.

For more information, to register for the conference or to apply to enter the developer competition, please visit the conference website at We hope to see you there!

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Google joins the Check-in War

// February 1st, 2011 // No Comments » // Social Media Marketing, Technology

Google announced today that it will integrate checkins to their Google Latitude app for Android devices.

Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

This new addition just adds to the company’s mission by integrating more social interactions into their products. Google has several social products, like Orkut which has been dwarfed by rivals Facebook and Myspace. They even tried microblogging with Google Buzz. However none of their social products have been dominant in their categories so far. With the addition of mobile check-ins Google will be rivalling Foursquare, Gowalla,

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Facebook Places and other social apps that have jumped on to the check-in train.

Google Latitude Checkin screenshot Google Checkin Map

Unfortunately Google has launched the service in their Android Application only, leaving Iphone and Blackberry users waiting to test it out. Another flaw is that users cannot add venues from the mobile app, which negates it’s effectiveness in poorly mapped areas. Additionally Google Latitude doesn’t allow you to share your location with other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Hey Google, this is 2011, people like sharing content between social networks!

The good thing is that Latitude will support automatic checkins, well sort of, it will pickup your proximity to venues and automatically prompt you to check in. Never forget to check-in again! Also Google has learned from their Buzz privacy issues and have integrated some key privacy options from the get-go which seem to be very customisable.

Overall I think it is too early to tell if this is a hit or miss, with 10 million Latitude users, Google will have a large customer base to try out this new service, even if it is currently limited to Android users only. Let’s see how this will change the geolocation market and how other services will adapt to stay ahead.

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A Campaign Like No Other – Developing Jamaica through Social Media

// October 10th, 2010 // 2 Comments » // Social Media Marketing, Technology, Vision 2030 Campaign

Recently I blogged about a recent discussion about Information Communication and Technology development in Jamaica. I found the discussion so remarkable, that there were so many people who were passionate about the cause. The fact is, just talking about it doesn’t help we need greater awareness and action. The more people who know about the plan, the more people discuss it creating a ripple effect for the cause across society. The aim is to create awareness via social media, have it spread to standard social interactions and media to create change. Once the campaign reaches the decision makers: politicans, business leaders, voters, customers, people can demand and expect change. If people don’t know the possibilities or plans in place how can they be executed? This is way bigger than the government, this is about the way society operates. Society needs to adjust their views to the economy, environment, government, ICT use, media etc. The only reason why people settle for the current state of Jamaica, is because they think they cannot change it. One can change it, when we all work together!

Vision 2030 Campaign

The first stage is to create awareness. This is a call to all the bloggers, twitter users, Facebook users. Share the Vision 2030 campaign online and talk about it with your friends, family and coworkers in person. There is no need to re-invent the wheel, many of your suggestions are already outlined in the National Development Plan prepared by the Planning Institute of Jamaica. You can view the development plan at the following locations:

On this blog:

On Scribd :

On Jamaica’s Vision 2030 website:

Ask your online social community to at least read the outline, send links to it as an email to all of your address book. The aim is that people can make decisions in accordance with the 2030 plan. This is not just a government venture, as individuals we all need to promote

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the development of our country. Share the link once a week, or even just once a month. It will help.

Corporate and Organisation Support

Every business and organisation has a core and followers. We need to spread the Vision 2030 plan to all involved, not just creating awareness but also making decisions according to it’s contents. Let employees and members know that they are responsible for executing the plan, that they each need to be a leader of change.

Greater Social Responsibility

As leaders of change for our nation, we need to hold companies and the government responsible for not following the plan. If a company’s business practices are not in line with the plan then support a competitor who is. If a government office or official is making decisions contrary to the plan then petition them, “loud it up”, or don’t re-elect them based on their policies. The only person in control is you.

Remember this is a people driven change, it starts with you, read the relevant sections to you and decide how you can make changes in your home and office. For this to work it has to be an effort from all involved.

I will write another post about this soon, please subscribe to my blog or just keep checking this category : for information related to the campaign.

This is a call to action for YOU to make a difference.

Thank you,

Dmitri Dawkins and future generations.

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Digicel: The Experience

// August 22nd, 2010 // 3 Comments » // Life, Technology

Last night I attended Digicel’s 4G launch at Hope Gardens in Kingston. I knew this event was going to be one not to miss, after receiving my invitation in a gold envelope earlier in the week. After entering the venue I was greeted first by Tashana in the 4G lounge, where my drink was ordered via MSN messenger to the bar. Tashana then invited me to experience 4G using one of the computers on hand. I promptly tested and was happy with the results of 8MB/s.

Tashana and myself Digicel 4G Experience

Speed on Digicel 4G service

There were some other attractions as well like the Digicel 4G martini which was made with dry ice:

Digicel 4G Martini

There was also food, and lots of it, I remember seeing at least 3 different buffet tables, I am partial to Sushi though:

om nom nom nom

Thanks to tweeples @persephone101 for coming with me and @andrewcheeky who attended as well:

@persephone101 and myself

@andrewcheeky and @dmitridawkins

Mark Linehan Digicel’s CEO welcomed everyone and made a brief speech on the impact that Digicel 4G will have on the country’s development and GDP. I was glad, because I blogged

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about what impact 4G could have last week. Afterwards he introduced a new commercial and video, myself and a few others were a bit upset at the video, since it was a ripoff of a viral video launched in 2008! Considering the video has 11 million views on youtube, they must realise people will have noticed. The replaced each frame that has “Did you know?” with “Digiknow” in company colours. Shame. See the original video below:

The night’s live musical entertainment started off with a live stream from disc jockey @pjbutta in LA. Everyone was skeptical of the stream because of the great sound quality but when @pjbutta looked at his watch and told us what the exact time was, we knew it would have been hard to sync that. Kudos to Digicel on using a live stream over 4G service. Tami Chynn shortly followed live on stage afterwards singing several numbers, getting the crowd to actually move. While she was performing I was thinking to myself I wish Tami’s sister, Tessanne, could perform tonight as well.

Tami Chynn

The next live stream over Digicel 4G was to Junction St. Elizabeth where Wayne Marshall was performing. This time the audio quality was not as good as @pjbutta but it

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was still good, the stream didn’t lag at all. After his performance my wish was granted as Tessanne Chin graced the stage, can you say win? What was even better was when both sisters performed a new single from Tessanne’s upcoming album.

Tessanne and Tami

Overall the night was great, thanks to Digicel for inviting me, you guys sure know how to throw a party, ahmm I mean launch a product!

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