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Free Idea: What is your HWT Street Hustle

// October 31st, 2011 // No Comments » // Technology

How many of you have heard the song Street Hustle by Specialist? If you haven’t I have embedded it below.

I like it because it captures the street hustle mentality in Jamaica. Which brings me to my idea. While waiting  by Pavilion Mall in Half Way Tree, Kingston, Jamaica yesterday I saw trends. I was intrigued at the diversity of people walking around and as usual thought to myself what would I sell to suit the different groups. So then came up with an idea for a website or fb app for people to input data (their personal preferences) and an algorithm would decide what they would sell based on what products they use and their personality.

Personality questions would decide how much risk a person is willing to take and if they are looking for a long term or short term hustle. The products they use determine what they would sell preferably, because why would you sell a product that you wouldn’t use or endorse?

So if you use a lot of phone cards and drink soda, the app should recommend you sell soda and phone cards in HWT. However if you believe in health foods and need a hustle you can sell callaloo, banana chips and bag juices. Alternatively if you want to get rich quick then it may suggest you run a “cash fi gold” scheme. I think it would be fun, hilarious and share friendly once the algorithm and interface is well designed. No two people should get the same result once you include a wide range of products. Don’t forget to include social media share buttons!

I get ideas all the time and most I don’t have time to develop. Ideally I would like to give away an idea once a week for others to develop. It should be a crime for a “good” idea to go to waste. Good idea of course is based on opinion. If you use it please let me know!

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How to deal with deceased friends on Facebook and Twitter

// February 7th, 2011 // No Comments » // Life, Technology

Earlier today while inviting friends to a new Facebook Page I had created I was once again faced with the profiles of my deceased friends. At first I didn’t know what to do and asked friends on Facebook. After doing some research I found the following links: logo facebook A blogpost by Max Kelley:

….The question soon came up: What do we do about his Facebook profile? We had never really thought about this before in such a personal way. Obviously, we wanted to be able to model people’s relationships on Facebook, but how do you deal with an interaction with someone who is no longer able to log on? When someone leaves us, they don’t leave our memories or our social network. To reflect that reality, we created the idea of “memorialized” profiles as a place where people can save and share their memories of those who’ve passed. We understand how difficult it can be for people to be reminded of those who are no longer with them, which is why it’s important when someone passes away that their friends or family contact Facebook to request that a profile be memorialized. For instance, just last week, we introduced new types of Suggestions that appear on the right-hand side of the home page and remind people to take actions with friends who need help on Facebook. By memorializing the account of someone who has passed away, people will no longer see that person appear in their Suggestions. When an account is memorialized, we also set privacy so that only confirmed friends can see the profile or locate it in search. We try to protect the deceased’s privacy by removing sensitive information such as contact information and status updates. Memorializing an account also prevents anyone from logging into it in the future, while still enabling friends and family to leave posts on the profile Wall in remembrance……

The form for reporting a deceased friend on Facebook here: twitter logo Twitter handles it similarly by requesting that you email them, but they close down the account:

If we are notified that a Twitter user has passed away, we can remove their account or assist family members in saving a backup of their public Tweets. Please contact us with the following information:

  1. Your full name, contact information (including email address), and your relationship to the deceased user.
  2. The username of the Twitter account, or a link to the profile page of the Twitter account.
  3. A link to a public obituary or news article.

You can contact us at, or by mail or fax: Twitter Inc., c/o: Trust & Safety 795 Folsom Street, Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94107 Fax: 415-222-9958 We will respond by email with any additional information we might need. Please note that we cannot allow access to the account or disclose other non-public information regarding the account.

Now that I know what I need to do, I just need to face the music and submit as necessary :( R.I.P.

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Online Ads: Location is Key

// August 17th, 2010 // No Comments » // Social Media Marketing

The first time I ran an online campaign I was amazed at the multitude of options I could select. The level of precision that I could target my ads was impressive and immediately I thought, standard advertising is dead. Well standard advertising isn’t quite dead, but social media marketing is quickly gaining traction as an effective marketing tool for nearly every type of business. Before we continue let’s understand the following:


Website analytics are used to track what visitors are doing on a website. This information cannot be used to identify a specific person, however it can share information such as their city/town and country, as well as what they clicked and how long they spent on each page.


A conversion is when you get a visitor to follow a specific path to complete a given task. This could be signing up to your newsletter, or purchasing  a product or filling out a survey. In your online campaign one can have several aims and track the channels for each conversion.


Given these two terms we can then create a very precise standard online ad campaign. When standard online ads are coupled with social networks like Facebook, it is made even more powerful. Facebook allows you to target ads based on age, adding another option to location and keyword fields targeting. Given these tools one can create an ad for a specific area (Kingston, Jamaica) and specify an age group (18-25) who are searching or reading about cars for an upcoming product targeted to that area, age group and interest. Not only that but using analytics an online ad manager can see exactly how many people interact with your ad, what they do on your web-page and track subsequent conversions. The higher the conversion rate, the more successful your ad campaign is. The best part about this is there is no guess work and you know how effectively the online ad campaign is affecting your sales or interactions (by tracking conversions).

Creating an online presence

Even if your ad viewers are not interacting as you would like you are still increasing your online ad presence. What is an online presence? Well it is the level of brand awareness online. How can we track this? By looking for keywords on Twitter and Google, to see how people are discussing your brand, see who is sharing your content and to see which online personalities have the most influence. Sometimes the buzz generated by those with high influence is so great you can make the person a brand ambassador.

So in short, when creating an online ad you don’t have to worry about creating a huge campaign that is going to be visible to the whole internet. You can target the ad to a specific parish or city, age group and specific keywords, for maximum effect and minimum cost. Traditional media sells blanket advertising, online ads are specific to your target market only. How have you interacted with social media advertising?

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