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More about The Jamaican Blogger Project

// January 24th, 2011 // 8 Comments » // Cool Stuff, Technology

It has been almost

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6 months since the start of the Jamaican Blogger Project. Since then, well, it hasn’t grown as much as we thought, but the primaries in the project have been pretty busy working on other projects. This year we have decided that this project is necessary to help promote blogging in Jamaica and want to build an even stronger community around it.

The aim of the project is is to promote content about Jamaica or created by Jamaicans. We will also sometimes share information

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helpful to the blogging community.

Currently the project is only on Twitter (@jamaicanblogger) however we also plan to launch a website soon. The @JamaicanBlogger handle currently re-tweets content posted under the #Jamaicanblogger hashtag. There is also a daily newspaper that aggregates links from the hashtag automatically: it has a history of previous editions as well.

Nicky from Cinnamon Coffee one of the project primaries, who originally came up with the hashtag, has also created the two logos below which we will be using to promote the project:

Jamaican Blogger Logos

What would really help is feedback on the logo and what you would like to see from the project. Please comment below or contact us on twitter @JamaicanBlogger or email with feedback, suggestions and ideas you may have. Thanks.

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A Campaign Like No Other – Developing Jamaica through Social Media

// October 10th, 2010 // 2 Comments » // Social Media Marketing, Technology, Vision 2030 Campaign

Recently I blogged about a recent discussion about Information Communication and Technology development in Jamaica. I found the discussion so remarkable, that there were so many people who were passionate about the cause. The fact is, just talking about it doesn’t help we need greater awareness and action. The more people who know about the plan, the more people discuss it creating a ripple effect for the cause across society. The aim is to create awareness via social media, have it spread to standard social interactions and media to create change. Once the campaign reaches the decision makers: politicans, business leaders, voters, customers, people can demand and expect change. If people don’t know the possibilities or plans in place how can they be executed? This is way bigger than the government, this is about the way society operates. Society needs to adjust their views to the economy, environment, government, ICT use, media etc. The only reason why people settle for the current state of Jamaica, is because they think they cannot change it. One can change it, when we all work together!

Vision 2030 Campaign

The first stage is to create awareness. This is a call to all the bloggers, twitter users, Facebook users. Share the Vision 2030 campaign online and talk about it with your friends, family and coworkers in person. There is no need to re-invent the wheel, many of your suggestions are already outlined in the National Development Plan prepared by the Planning Institute of Jamaica. You can view the development plan at the following locations:

On this blog:

On Scribd :

On Jamaica’s Vision 2030 website:

Ask your online social community to at least read the outline, send links to it as an email to all of your address book. The aim is that people can make decisions in accordance with the 2030 plan. This is not just a government venture, as individuals we all need to promote

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the development of our country. Share the link once a week, or even just once a month. It will help.

Corporate and Organisation Support

Every business and organisation has a core and followers. We need to spread the Vision 2030 plan to all involved, not just creating awareness but also making decisions according to it’s contents. Let employees and members know that they are responsible for executing the plan, that they each need to be a leader of change.

Greater Social Responsibility

As leaders of change for our nation, we need to hold companies and the government responsible for not following the plan. If a company’s business practices are not in line with the plan then support a competitor who is. If a government office or official is making decisions contrary to the plan then petition them, “loud it up”, or don’t re-elect them based on their policies. The only person in control is you.

Remember this is a people driven change, it starts with you, read the relevant sections to you and decide how you can make changes in your home and office. For this to work it has to be an effort from all involved.

I will write another post about this soon, please subscribe to my blog or just keep checking this category : for information related to the campaign.

This is a call to action for YOU to make a difference.

Thank you,

Dmitri Dawkins and future generations.

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The Jamaican Blogger Project

// August 27th, 2010 // 5 Comments » // Cool Stuff, Technology

Yesterday Morning Nicky McFarlane came up with the idea of Jamaican Bloggers using the hashtag #jamaicanblogger to make blogs easier to find. Well, this

is a prime case for social media, within an hour the hashtag was being shared heavily on twitter, and within a few hours over 45 blogs were tracked. I am currently tracking the term #jamaicanblogger, #jamaicanbloggers, “jamaican blogger” online to see how much it is used. Please see the widget below:

Also you can follow these bloggers on my twitter list:

To get listed please tweet your url and #jamaicanblogger also please encourage friends to share so we can get a full listing of Jamaican blogs. Eventually I will aggregate the data and post it online, so we can have a central library of Jamaican blogs. Also please share in the comments below how using the hashtag has helped you get more visitors, better search engine ranking or new twitter followers! Thanks

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