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Marketing Jamaica With Social Media

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can remember Jamaica has been one of the biggest brands worldwide.

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Industrial Revolt!

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to think I am the second generation of an independent Jamaica. The previous generation, my parents, gained independence at a young age, filled with hope of how great independent Jamaica can be. Despite our many achievements in the past 50 years, Jamaica has failed to fulfill the vision, the promise. Unfortunately, despite our pride, national sentiment is low. We have low expectations when it comes to crime and education, low expectations for quality of life. For years the nation has been propped up by The Church, millions holding faith that

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one day deliverance will come. There is a widespread mentality dubbed “sufferation” that we all must endure.

Unlike my parents generation, my generation does not know of a better Jamaica. I have become acclimatised to crime and “The Babylon” structure. What baffles me is how we got to this point. I know how re: bad decisions etc. I mean how is it that our own people have allowed this to happen. Anyway, I am not here to criticise the past, I am here to speak about the future.

One of the many problems we have are garrison communities. Despite what politicians say about them, they seem to be maintained and grow from decade to decade. For many reasons they will always exist, unfortunately one of them seems to be for political influence. Let’s skip that for a second and consider Jamaica on a mission. As a progressive nation should we not be looking towards providing better housing for our citizens? Yes

there have been projects to provide better housing in the past. Unfortunately corruption and politics have marred projects like this, turning “Back o’ wall” into Tivoli Gardens etc.

To spur economic development this year we funded the Jamaica Emergency Employment Program (JEEP). The initial budget for JEEP is 4 Billion Jamaican dollars. Technically this is a great project, however I don’t consider it a sustainable one. Why is it not sustainable? Because when someone is hired to build a sidewalk and clean a drain, what happens when they are finished?

What we do need is housing, low income affordable housing. What we also need is education. Jamaica also needs jobs. Why don’t we roll it all into one? Create an industrial village. Maybe this is all a grand idea, but that’s where it starts right? I think we should create housing projects around our major cities. Train unskilled labourers in different trades to build the houses. Create support structures such as schools, hospitals, grocery stores, gas stations. Why? Because our cities are becoming over crowded, real estate prices are rising as a result and it is widening the poverty gap. I am talking about a new city the size of Portmore on land not suited for agriculture.

The aim is to provide proper housing for people living in garrison communities. Include small farm areas per community, as well as community centres for training etc. In Kingston I can think of Standpipe, Grantspen.

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Vote for Jamaica

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Typically a country ousts it’s leadership (diplomatically or not) when they are no longer pleased with their performance.

I’m not going to get into a spiel and expound on the current position in Jamaica. I’m here about this:


So Kim Dotcom raised the bar with his Internet Party in New Zealand and plans to revolutionise the political landscape. I agree with this approach and earlier asked on Twitter who would like to crowd-fund a similar ad here in Jamaica. The response was overwhelming. Look out for an ad soon.

However I need some more help. I bought a domain last year to host a crowdsourced website with info, data and stats on current and future political leaders so Jamaicans can have an unbiased view

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of their leadership. The aim is to create awareness and be informative to aid voting decisions. Ideally in the footer of the ad I want to promote the domain for a future launch date.

I would need help designing a site, curating content and will probably need

a team to launch a crowd-funding campaign to fund mass advertising and operational costs. Interested? email me at or tweet me @utenjm. Not sure if it’s feasible to launch before the upcoming local government elections, but let me know!


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You ain’t sh*t

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This post started with much sarcasm, cynicism and angst but has since been edited for your reading pleasure; enjoy.

This is not a new idea or concept, hardly anything is new when it comes on to thoughts, perceptions, projections, it’s all a regurgitated cycle of brain farts. What is new however is you and that is the point of this post, you are unique. Your uniqueness is as an ongoing process of a long chain of events leading up to this and continuing from this moment. Scientists have spent millennia figuring out the wonders of the world (various sciences and models). All of this is trumped by human nature, we are the most destructive force on the planet without a doubt, probably the

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only species that would willingly wipe itself out.

Which brings me to my point, you ain’t shit. I haven’t studied psychology or sociology or *insert whatever you think is relevant here*, however I know selfishness makes us feel better. Right? You think that despite everything, I am a person too, I have needs, I am a person. I don’t know why we think that because we have a perceived state of consciousness that we must be special. Let’s not even

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go into the aspects of religion or “personal development” lessons that also give us a false sense of being unique.

So why in heaven’s name should one be selfish? We have this innate need to be selfish, to be self indulgent, to express free will and do what you want. Yet we are small organisms feeding on a small planet in a small solar system in a small galaxy as part of an infinite and ever growing universe. Let that soak in. Seems kinda crazy to me.

The next time anything happens just remember it is really of no consequence whatsoever.

This is all meaningless because humans were never meant to be alone. It’s why we have families, communities, towns, cities, regions, countries. Humans are nothing without each other. Yet we all strive to be independent of each other. The fact is we are all very much acheter viagra dependent on each other and this selfishness is driving us all to extinction. If we don’t die as a species the definition of being human, the heightened state of consciousness is being lost. We are led by companies instead of leaders, we subscribe to media that satisfies perceptions vs. what is real, we are consumed with ourselves versus seeking true enlightenment.

I want to compare it to encryption. We each have public and private keys that we can use to make our unique mark, we all have to play a part to unlock the chain of life. Because life isn’t about existing, life is about actually living, enjoying, sharing, helping, improving. But destroy your key or keep it to yourself and we will never know what could have been. You ain’t shit.

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Why you shouldn’t have kids

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Recently my Twitter timeline was filled with banter over a controversial column written in the local newspaper. The column was similarly titled, but despite the broad statement I found that it was very specific to economic and emotional factors. This saddened me, given the size of the soapbox the writer was given.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think people should have kids to save their relationship, or to serve as a long term meal ticket or risk putting families into poverty. However; I think people have forgotten the reason why people have kids.

To make a long story short, despite our biological inclinations to reproduce, there should be a larger purpose for having children. No no, not like “Jah know, him drop out and don’t even have a youth yet”. Having kids is more than just carrying on your name, it’s about a legacy. In days of old names carried meaning, a history of where you are coming from. This was lost in the Caribbean thanks to the slave trade, piracy and modernisation. We need to create a better legacy as a society, with each family contributing a part of it.

In the age of millennials, we all have this desire to define ourselves, adjust perception and have our actions meet our goals. Unlike the baby boomer years or before, we have no clue what we are doing. In the 40’s and 50’s you were 23 and had a career path. Now you are 20-30 and the job you will have next year might not exist yet. On top of this we have more social influences and increased competition to be successful (because of education system, media, parents, gaps in economic earning potential). So we are in a flux of not knowing what our career is, who we are, what

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a relationship is (radical change in family life is entire different analysis). Then boom, us kids are supposed to have kids with very little life experience (cultural and professional).

I’ve been writing a post about love and selfishness since last year (was supposed to be a new year’s message), but it ties into this directly. Don’t worry about the money (but think ahead, be responsible and do what is necessary). Don’t have a kid because you love your partner, or trying to keep them. Don’t have a kid because the state or child support will pay for their welfare/health/education etc. Don’t have a kid because your vanity wants your name to carry on or you want a mini me (if this is the reason, you really shouldn’t be having kids. Probably ever. Try Photoshop and Instagram). Have a kid because you want to improve the world. Have a kid because you have found so much wrong with the world and you want to equip the next generation for being better. Have a child because you have figured out what life is about and you want them to experience all of it’s splendor while equipping them for it’s pains. Having kids isn’t about you, it’s about the improvement of the human variable in the formula called life.

Think Big. Oh and when all else fails, wing it, we are the most adaptable generation, just keep the above in mind.

Note: This is not a solution, this is not a guide, there are much bigger problems not factored here. I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

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