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Finding Jobs Via Social Media

// September 8th, 2014 // No Comments » // Life, Tools

There is no single way to find jobs online, that being said, Forbes has this great guide:

BUT, let me get into some more details:

Getting Personal

Your online presence should be about you, but don’t make yourself ridiculous. If you are using social media to land a job you need to maintain at least a semi-professional image. Sure you can share Bobby Shmurda vines, but you shouldn’t be using an email address on your C.V. like However please feel free to show your excellent use of grammar, experience and passions. Be reasonable.

No Spamming!

This was also mentioned in the Forbes article, however let me reiterate, don’t spam. Just because certain executives or companies are social, doesn’t mean you can just send them a C.V. point blank. You should aim to be social first and be prepared to submit one if the opportunity comes up. The beauty about social media is that companies regularly post job opportunities online, having regular and genuine social interactions may give you extra credits over your peers.

Industry and Alumni Groups

You are new to the online job hunting scene, you could be a student, graduate or an experienced professional, but if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it? well? yeah. Thankfully, your industry probably has a group online, especially on LinkedIn, the popular professional social networking site. Facebook also has several pages and groups for industry professionals to discuss related matters. When you contribute to the groups it will raise your profile and possibly add to your credence. Once again, employers may be looking for your online profile after reviewing your C.V. this will help. Also industry groups usually post open jobs and projects related to the industry, opportunity awaits. The same applies to Alumni groups, your high school or university has an online presence for alumni members to improve their school and past students. Utilise these groups, it is invaluable.

Creating a Professional Presence

Create a LinkedIn account. Just do it. Doesn’t matter if you have left school, your profession, or your industry. This is where people expect to find your de-facto professional profile. Don’t use blurry glamour shot photos, DO use photos your grandmother would be proud to put on her wall. Many companies now allow you to submit job applications via LinkedIn, so make sure you update it alongside your C.V.

Remember those industry and alumni groups? Find them on LinkedIn. Also remember what I said about not spamming? If you don’t know another member, and have no reason to interact, don’t randomly add them. If you don’t know them but need to interact, send them a message explaining why.

Finally add links to your LinkedIn profile on your other social media pages, to boost page rank and also lead potential employers to your professional page.


I’m not about to tell you how to search online, but most people forget about searching on Twitter. Here’s the link, use common hashtags like #Jobs and specify a location for the tweets:

You’re welcome.

Pitch Yourself

Read more from Forbes:

When the opportunity arises, you have to be able to sell yourself.

In the end….

The important thing is to equip yourself to have a higher probability of finding a job you will love. If 100 people apply for a job only the outstanding ones will be noticed. What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?


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For all us non coders

// April 11th, 2012 // No Comments » // Cool Stuff, Technology, Tools

So I got an idea this evening and rather than the usual process of =>mind map => wire frame => call developer, I

instead decided to try and build a utilitarian

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version of it first. I love WordPress, it always works for me so I looked for a plugin that would help me make this app.

I found this:

Love it so far, but the learning curve is steep. It allows you to create interfaces, where you can view or input data from a DataBase. It’s all customisable by themes and CSS. It allows you to build apps in WordPress for WordPress as custom menus and widgets. Can even use short codes to include the app in posts or pages. It also supports pulling data from API’s and allows you additional functionality by your OWN API!!!

I hope this helps.

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JAMPRO launches interactive web-based Investment Map

// February 4th, 2011 // No Comments » // Cool Stuff, Technology, Tools, Vision 2030 Campaign

Jampro Investment Map Launch

Parris Lyew-Ayee (centre at podium) Managing Director of Mona GeoInformatics Institute (MGI)

Yesterday I attended the launch of Jampro’s (Jamaica Promotions Corporation) Interactive Investment Map. Jampro is in charge of ensuring sustainable development arising from foreign direct investment into Jamaica. Without a doubt this new tool has helped them leap forward by providing factual information in an easy to use interface for the world.

The Investment Map is an online tool built atop the Google map platform that conveniently provides pictorial views and data on key infrastructure, investment projects, lands for development and natural resources. You can try it out by clicking here:

Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee with the Mona Geoinformatics Institute developed the map for Jampro using data from government departments. The map makes it easy to find key investment opportunities in Jamaica. The map was developed at a cost of approximately two million Jamaican dollars, and praise was given to open source tools, which helped to keep the development cost low.

Dmitri Dawkins Question

Dmitri Dawkins asking about open access to the data

The first thing that came to mind was the possible 3rd party uses of this data. I asked about the access to this data for everyone, fortunately Claude Duncan, VP of Investment Promotion at JAMPRO, took the time out to address the question and said the data would be available to everyone. Currently they (Jampro) are considering ways to enable people to access the data for this map, outside of the map itself. This is good news for Jamaica’s budding software development industry, access to the data will allow them to

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create more tools that benefit the local economy making this a truly multi-faceted investment.

Investment Map Discussion

(From Left) Parris Lyew-Ayee, Claude Duncan, Myself and Kelroy Brown discussing the investment map

One guest at the function questioned who would be in charge of updating the data, Jampro with additional funding hopes to ensure the data is updated as necessary, including new data from the upcoming census. They also noted that some data is dated based on the source such as the last census (2000). Hopefully in the future with geo-location services like Foursquare gaining popularity in Jamaica, we can integrate social communication to update statistics in this map (venue names etc.).

Overall I like the push of this new tool, I think it will be very useful and I applaud Jampro for using available technology to promote Jamaica. Special thanks to Mark Thompson for inviting me and providing photos from the event. For more photos please see below:

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Wear Sunscreen

// November 16th, 2010 // No Comments » // Life, Tools

Ok so first off I

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apologise for my lack of content over the past couple weeks. The good thing is I have recorded everything and so I will flood the site with it soon :)

I heard this song for the first time earlier and felt I had to share this with everyone. I hope it changes your life!

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Network Calculator

// October 31st, 2008 // No Comments » // Tools

Network Calculators

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networking subnet calculator for those of us designing tcp/ip networks

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