Professional Racing Career

Racing in Jamaica has exploded over the past five years. During this time a new generation of racers have entered the scene, creating a level of competition never experienced before. Fans are becoming loyal to their favourite teams and sponsors and even though most drivers are still operating on an enthusiast level, more and more racers are taking a professional approach.

The approach that I take to racing is a different one, it is professional, entirely. The main aim when I go out on the track is to get results, not only on the podium but for my sponsors and to please my number one customer, the fans. When I race I race with a difference, the budget is limited, but what cannot be done with improving the car, is definitely helped by my continuously improving driving skills. Practice is the key tool, putting in the time to push harder find faults and push again.

What makes me different from other drivers? Determination to succeed. I don’t have the equipment or budget to go out there and win the top races yet, but since I started racing I have been cutting down big trees with a small axe.