Brown Dog on a Beach

// March 20th, 2012 // Life

On Sunday I went to Boston beach in Portland Jamaica. As I sat on the beach by myself, I began to think about life. There was a brown dog who seemed to be a resident of the beach. He looked pretty well fed, I mean, world famous Boston jerk scraps are available 24/7. He would walk around, relax under the huge almond tree and seemed perfectly at peace. I thought to myself, most of us are worrying about getting back to work tomorrow, paying our light bill at the end of the month and saving enough for retirement. Why?

I won’t continue rambling into who knows what, I will just share what I realised on the beach:

Sometimes we complicate things. It’s always unnecessary. Sometimes people do it to add self worth, or to feel important. Some do it because they are bored with life. Who knows how many reasons there are. Fact is people need to stop doing it.

The struggle is real, but not that real. I find I do this alot, constantly put myself in positions to push harder. Not to say we must not always try to achieve more, but sometimes mentally we get so used to this push push, that we just make things hard for ourselves. Sometimes it is ok to take it easy, to not worry, to just be at rest. We all need it at some point. My uncle calls this the sufferer mentality, my mother calls it madness. The point is, break free from your cycle.

Finally, focus on the value of life, not what you do in life. I think that’s pretty self explanatory.

Until next time…….

BTW I know this is a pretty boring read without pictures. Hush.


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