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// January 24th, 2011 // Cool Stuff, Technology

It has been almost 6 months since the start of the Jamaican Blogger Project. Since then, well, it hasn’t grown as much as we thought, but the primaries in the project have been pretty busy working on other projects. This year we have decided that this project is necessary to help promote blogging in Jamaica and want to build an even stronger community around it.

The aim of the project is is to promote content about Jamaica or created by Jamaicans. We will also sometimes share information helpful to the blogging community.

Currently the project is only on Twitter (@jamaicanblogger) however we also plan to launch a website soon. The @JamaicanBlogger handle currently re-tweets content posted under the #Jamaicanblogger hashtag. There is also a daily newspaper that aggregates links from the hashtag automatically: it has a history of previous editions as well.

Nicky from Cinnamon Coffee one of the project primaries, who originally came up with the hashtag, has also created the two logos below which we will be using to promote the project:

Jamaican Blogger Logos

What would really help is feedback on the logo and what you would like to see from the project. Please comment below or contact us on twitter @JamaicanBlogger or email with feedback, suggestions and ideas you may have. Thanks.

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8 Responses to “More about The Jamaican Blogger Project”

  1. Aurie says:

    I think that the logo on the left would be good. You may also want to have a light version of the same to accommodate the variety of blog styles out there. Sometimes I switch between a dark theme & a light theme and that would be something worth considering.

    • NickMack says:

      There’s more than one option – first, we have to confirm the design and then adjust accordingly for people with light themes, dark themes, coloured/non-coloured backgrounds, sidebars/no-sidebars etc…

  2. Roger says:

    I saw the new rss feed icon on @JamaicanBlogger’s twitter page recently and thought it was pretty cool.

    Regarding this logo, I prefer the one to the left, but somehow, when I look at it, in my mind, the word “Blogger” seems to appear as “Blagger.” I’m not sure if it’s the shape or size of the feed icon in the word. But I like the direction it’s going in so far.

    I like the idea of the Jamaican Blogger Project. Keep up the good work folks! And if you need any help with it, don’t hesitate to give me a shout. (@layerphase)

  3. NickMack says:

    Thanks for the feedback re the logo guys… The RSS symbol *MAY* kinda look like an ‘a’ … You could be right there! May need to revisit that one soon. I’m partial to the option on the left – as partial as I can be while, being the designer, trying to maintain an objective POV. Stay tuned, more tweaks may be forth-coming!

  4. owen says:

    I don’t have a opinion on the design but you could make the RSS logo “Round” instead of square to better portray the “O”.

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  6. Cardell says:

    i think project will help a lot of upcoming bloggers like myself, promoting Jamaica and its ppl is a good thing by overshadowing all the bad things we hear in the news. In terms of the logos, i prefer the first one”I’m a Jamaican blogger” becaz it basically saying : “Hey I am a jamaican and i am proud”.
    If however, u get the chance plz check out blog site and comment on wat u think at: “”. Thank you!

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