Brands, People and Social Media

// September 27th, 2010 // Technology

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More and more brands are jumping on to Social Media. Overall this has been received very well in Jamaica and the rest of the world. The idea of a brand using Social Media is to be interactive with customers, get better feedback and to be real time As brands log on to the web I think they should also help promote the medium they are using for their new campaigns.

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In a developing country like Jamaica or other Caribbean Countries, it is essential to also promote social networks in order to increase the user base. After-all the more people using these social media networks is the larger your user-base to interact with. As more brands come on board the ratio of brands to people will become distorted, making the opt-in nature of social media feel more like advertising. The point of social media is to interact with friends to share content. Brands are supposed to follow this trend by providing content for fans to interact with. By advertising social media more people will sign up, enhancing the networking aspect of social media. The more people use social media is the greater the opportunity for brands to interact with customers, whether existing or prospective.

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I think brands should develop programs to help increase internet and social media use in Jamaica, thereby increasing literacy and reducing the barrier of computer illiteracy. A person may not be willing to take a computer class, but by using Facebook or Twitter more often

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they can develop typing and communication skills. Other benefits of increased internet usage are more exposure to world culture, new technology, business opportunities, better English skills and more. I don’t see any negative factors compared to the current trend of education in the majority of Jamaican schools. Exposure is key, let’s get more people exposed in order to help boost business, the economy and education.

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How can a brand help? Sponsor wifi for a rural community, computers at a local school, computer literacy classes at community centers, help to get more internet kiosks around the island. Brands can also help sponsor free internet access at local restaurants and cafe’s, as well as giving away old internet capable PC’s from the office to staff or members of the public. Additionally we can lobby the Government to make IT mandatory in high schools. This is not an overnight project, it will take years to develop. However the return on investment will be huge, never before has technology been so influential, people will only use it more as time progresses. Let’s not leave Jamaica and the Caribbean behind, let’s get ahead of the curve. Act now.

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3 Responses to “Brands, People and Social Media”

  1. I disagree with you more than I agree with you.

    1) “The point of social media is to interact with friends to share content. Brands are supposed to follow this trend by providing content for fans to interact with”

    That is your personal belief and may not be shared by all people using social media, such as me for example.

    A social network like Facebook is a tool and anyone can use the tool as they see fit. If someone only wants to use a hammer to pull nails then that is their business. You may think it is really for hammering nails to build stuff.

    2) Companies have no direct financial interest in increasing the user base of Facebook, YouTube or Twitter so why spend money getting people to sign up and make someone else rich?

    The values of the digital outposts is the audience that is ALREADY there and the people that organically are going there.

    If you can send people to Facebook then you mist as well just build your own crowdsourcing website focused on your customers so you control the data, don’t have to worry about an outage and have better tracking of the statistics.

    3) Yes, Jamaican companies SHOULD invest in increasing Internet penetration in Jamaica, but NOT because they just want more people to market to or to reduce customer service to being all digital and save money.

    They should do it because it exposes people to knowledge which in turn leads to businesses, jobs, revenue, economic growth and more money for the companies to make from customers that have raised their standard of living.

  2. Karlene Lopez says:

    I believe you are on the right track Dmitri. One does not have to be a marketing guru to recognize what is happening in the States and all over the world with fb or any of the other social media tools as twitter to know that it drives people to the various advertising sites. These tools are being successfully used by small businesses in the U.S. to obtain a larger share of their market. Why recreate the wheel?

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