JMMC Sprint #4, Spot Valley

// August 30th, 2010 // Dmitri's racing news

spot valley

Quick photo of my race shoes and armband

Yesterday marked a huge milestone in my racing career. Not only was it the first time driving in a high speed motorsport event in over 2 years, but also the first time I have ever come last. Yes, last. Why am I writing about this since I came last? Because there is an important lesson to be learned from the experience. I will not get into the details of the car trouble that I had with the car, or the fact that it was the slowest car there, or that it had on worn tyres and it was my first time driving it. What I will get into is the fact that racing is all about passion, experience and skill.

First of all I would like to thank Mark March, who shared his Spot Valley Entertainment Complex sponsored Toyota Corolla FX with me. 3 weeks ago Spot Valley invited myself and some other racers to come and checkout the changes they were making to their grounds to provide the best dirt/gravel racing experience in Jamaica. The Complex now boasts two dirt tracks, which will be joined and extended for a super time attack later in the year. After attending the preview event I knew I wanted to compete in all of Spot Valley’s 2010 events. Mark kindly invited me to share cars with him, so I could compete in this the first dirt sprint of the season.

Dmitri Dawkins in Spot Valley Toyota Corolla FX

Photo By Sean Campbell

The whole aim was to have fun, which I did. It was great racing again, especially on dirt, which is my favourite, can you say sideways? The slow car allowed me to not have to use brakes, which I totally forgot about 3/4 ways through the track in my first run, resulting in my going wide in a corner carrying too much speed, losing valuable time. In my second run I now had an idea of what the car was like and pushed it even harder, however the car engine sputtered due to an electrical short for a portion of the track, I still managed to shave 10 seconds off the initial time. By the time my third run came around, the rain was pouring, the track was now waterlogged and the half dead snow tyres on the car just couldn’t find any grip. It was interesting learning what it felt like to drive 50+mph on a wet marl track though. Most competitors didn’t dare venture on to the track after it started raining, I loved it though, very rarely do you get such an experience.

As I said, it’s the first

time I have come last in an event. I am used to entering with the slowest car, but never have I come last before. Regardless, I want to race even more now. Before the recession, around 50 supporters donated money towards

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my building a race car (95% done) for Dover Raceway in St. Ann, Jamaica. I have not forgotten the tremendous amounts of encouragement received. As an upcoming racer, large companies don’t want to sponsor those without a proven track record (even though I have over 10 trophies), so this crowd-funding initiative was well appreciated. The recession has prevented me from competing full time however I hope to continue racing for the rest of 2010 and have a full season in 2011. The lessons learned this weekend are: do what you enjoy, get all the track time you can and someone has to come last.

I am looking forward to the next event! Will keep you updated!

P.S. Thanks to my friends and family who drove down to Montego Bay for support!

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