Foursquare – The next big thing?

// August 6th, 2010 // Cool Stuff, Technology

Have you ever heard about Foursquare? By definition it is a geo-location social networking application. For the rest of us, it means it tracks your activities at venues, as a game between friends. There is also a leader board where you can compete with friends each week to see who has gained the most points. Points are given based on how many check-ins you have done that day, if it’s your first time, if you are adding a venue etc. As part of the game, you can also unlock badges and at crowded venues (like a conference) view who else is there.

So how does it help? Well I have been using it for some time now and it is fun! You can become the mayor of venues by signing in the most at a venue within the past 60 days. Want to go out on a Friday night? Just check your friends and see where they have signed in to help choose a destination. Do you like a particular product or service at the venue? Leave a tip for other users! Tips show up when you sign in at a venue, so sign in before you order/purchase. Additionally some venues are partnering with Foursquare to put on specials, so on your third sign in you get a free drink, or when you are a mayor you get a discount on your bill. So far I know the following Jamaican venues offer specials: Chilitos, Fiction Lounge and more are coming!

Is it secure? With Foursquare you have to approve friends to share your location with. Also you can sign in off-grid which allows you to receive points and badges without sharing your location with your friends or the venue you have signed in with. With the right security settings you never have to share you don’t have to worry about sharing your location with anyone.

Who can use it? Anyone with an Iphone, Blackberry or Android powered phone. You will also need a mobile data plan to connect to Foursquare’s servers online. Plus Foursquare can already find friends using the service by connecting to Facebook and Twitter!

In the coming weeks I will be writing more about Foursquare, so stay tuned!

Edit: please also see Video below:

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4 Responses to “Foursquare – The next big thing?”

  1. I am finally going to have to check it out. I like the idea of being able to get tips from other people, especially at restaurants or tourist spots.

    I definitely will NOT be sharing my check-ins on Facebook unless it is some cool tourist spot.

  2. Rory says:

    You got me going on Foursquare, and i’m really liking it now.
    I see the bigger picture when it comes to Foursquare. It’s great how local businesses are issuing specials to Foursquare users.

    Checking out their API.. the mobile market looks so promising :)

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