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// August 7th, 2010 // Social Media Marketing, Technology

Foursquare is a steadily growing social networking that allows people to checkin at different venues. So what if you own/manage one of these venues? Well you can claim it on Foursquare and view detailed statistics on checkins as well as setup Foursquare specials. There is a whole lot more information available on the Foursquare website. However let’s go through some of the dynamics that are not covered on the website.

Foursquare Tips

Foursquare allows users to add a tip to your venue. These tips are there to help other users get the best service at a given venue. Sometimes these tips will be negative which will be a clear sign as to what to improve. Other times the tips may coincide with specials, like enter free before 11pm, or happy hour is between 8-9. No matter what the tip is, you want your customers to leave tips, it is crucial interaction that will help to promote your venue.

Foursquare Specials

You can create specials to reward repeat customers and also to increase the frequency of their visits! Every business has repeat customers, so why not reward them? If someone knows they are appreciated they are going to come back more often. Plus using Foursquare you can reward based on frequency, so for every x checkins within y days you can give them a special! There are so many ways to leverage this feature of foursquare and it is not just giving away products/discounts, it is creating buzz for your business. When someone earns a special then they tell their friends, who then share the story or try to get the special as well. What does this mean for you? The best advertising ever, direct referrals from friends.

Foursquare and the snowball effect

Foursquare allows users to connect with other social networks, namely Facebook and Twitter. According to Facebook the average user has 130 friends. The average twitter user also has 126 followers. Foursquare allows users to share their location with Twitter or Facebook, thus immediately notifying people that they are at a location. Earlier we mentioned creating buzz about a venue, when people see their friends visiting a venue on Foursquare they are immediately more willing to try it (it is viewed as a direct referral from a friend).

When a user shares their location on Facebook then an average of 130 friends will also see that the person has checked in at your venue. Many people have much more friends than 130, I have 750+ which means that potentially you just received free advertising to hundreds of people. Have five Foursquare users share their location in a day and that is 650+ on average. Have just 5 users check-in every day and that’s 19,500 per month. Once again this is direct friend referrals. How does that compare to your standard advertising methods (Radio, TV, Print)? The great thing is, many venues are already getting more business because of Foursquare, by claiming your venue the benefit is being able to track the statistics as well as create specials to generate more business. Think of it as the yellow pages on steroids.

Foursquare is a wonderful accessory to any social media marketing campaign. It can generate huge buzz for your venue online and the results are trackable, you can see in numbers how much your brand is being mentioned. Via tips and tweets you can also see what people are recommending to friends/family and take notes on areas to improve on. You can also find out who are your most loyal customers and reward them!

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